Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sustainable Heroes - June

I'd like to introduce a new series on our blog,  called "Sustainable Heroes".  In keeping up with industry happenings, I've come across a lot of great press surrounding the initiatives of those celebrities and philanthropists who are taking great strides to improve the future of our environment.  I thought a series highlighting notable individuals who are doing great things in the "green" industry would be a great way to share these wonderful stories with our readers.

This month we recognize comedian and actor, Will Ferrell:

- Active member of the National Resources Defense Council
- first celebrity to drive the BMW Hydrogen 7
- Ferrell built a very eco-friendly house,with solar-energy system
- Ferrell partnered with Robert Redford in a project to Save the Colorado River Delta.

Check out this hilarious promo video for the Raise the River Project:

Will Ferrell also uses his humor in this "Green Team" video, which offers tips on how to be more sustainable and eco-friendly:

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  1. I love this guy!! I simply love him and all the movies he have worked in ! Just amazing guy !! Never thought he would be into this stuff