About Our Blog

Hello there!

Welcome to Traveling_Green!  TG was started as a resource for parents who wanted to share their experiences of living a natural and sustainable lifestyle. The TG team has since expanded, welcoming new writers who will who offer their own knowledge and life experiences.  We've learned so much over the past couple years and have made some pretty amazing relationships with others who have the same drive to make positive changes in their own lives.

We're not claiming to be experts, but have been making a conscious effort to live more sustainably for a few years now, starting this blog in 2012. We're always looking for new ways to help the environment (and maybe save a little money too!), cutting back on how much garbage we kick to the curb, upcycling what we can, switching to mainly organic, locally grown foods. While living this way hasn't always been easy (and we admit we've taken trips to McDonald's because it's easier than stopping at the farmers' market) we're so glad to be making an effort to live a better life.

We're always looking to share our knowledge and learn from new people who have more experience than us. This blog has provided the TG team with a place to do just that! Thanks for stopping by!

Happy Trails!

<3 Traveling_Green Team


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    1. Jessica, Your aspirations are truly wonderful. As someone who has studied the environment for nearly three decades I've learned at least two important things. Sustainable is a condition or a state, like pregnancy. You either are or are not. I also learned how to tell when the runaway greenhouse effect has occurred. It has.All we can do is to buy time, and it's a huge task.
      As Sam Walton said almost a decade ago, "The time for incrementalism has passed. What we need is a revolution. Will you help lead it?