Thursday, October 9, 2014

Teaching Family About Sustainability

Sustainability and appreciation for the environment is something our family values.  But after my second child was born, I began to really think about how I can teach my family the importance of the environment, so that they can grow up with the knowledge and apply it to their lives.  In a world of technology, how can we make sure our kids grow up environmentally conscious?  I think this education starts in the home.  

Jenna Francisco of The Looptail,  created by G Adventures, posted a great piece discussing this very same topic. "10 Tips for Sustainable Travel with Kids," discusses children and their future impact on the environment.  Here were my favorite tips that Jenna offered:

  • "Encourage your kids to practice conservation at home and on the road" - helping kids understand the choices that we make every day have some type of impact on the environment.
  • "Teach your kids basic rules to respect wildlife"
  • "Making smart food choices while traveling" - making those good choices can be applied to our everyday life, in addition to when we are traveling.
  • "Talk to your kids about the environmental impact of transportation, and then choose the cleanest ways to get around" - talk to kids about how modes of transportation (cars, buses, trains, planes, boats) can be harmful to the environment.  Practice what you preach; use alternative modes of transportation when possible.  If you can walk/bike to the market or park, make it a habit with your family. 
    What tips do you have to share?