Monday, May 25, 2015

Sustainable Laundry Detergent!

As the kids participate in various fun (and messy) activities/sports this summer, I got thinking about the extra loads of laundry I’ve been doing and the money I spend on detergent every couple of weeks, which can cost around 14.00$ each time! When browsing on the web, I came across a bunch of different sites showing people how to make their own sustainable laundry detergent and I thought to myself, YES, this will be my next experiment! I found a mix of ingredients that creates an all natural washing powder and figured I would give it a shot. 

Here are my Ingredients, Instructions & Results.

  • 1 1/2 cups Borax 
  • 1 1/2 cups Washing Soda (sodium carbonate or soda ash, which can be found at most supermarkets) 
  • 1/2 cup Baking Soda 1 bar unscented soap (Castile soap) 
  • 1st- Grate the bar of soap 
  • 2nd- Mix the Borax, washing soda, baking soda and grated soap together with a wooden spoon 
  • 3rd- Pour into a glass or mason jar 
  • 4th- Use 3 Tablespoons of powder per load of laundry 
  • 5th- You are ready to start your first load! 
  • Before testing out the detergent, I was worried about how it would come out (the smell, cleanliness ect.) After the first load, I was really happy with the outcome! My clothes were not only clean but also had a fresh clean smell to go along with it! The part I am most excited about is the money I will be able to save using these ingredients! I am happy I tried this but also a little disappointed in myself for waiting this long to do it.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Places to Travel!

Looking for environmentally sound places to travel? 
Here are two unique vacation spots you may want to visit in your lifetime.

Bella Vista Photo

This is Bella Vista! It is an underground Eco-Friendly Hotel in Bozen, Italy! Sustainable heating and cooling are some of the highlights of these “underground” dwellings.

Xcaret Photo
This is a picture from Xcaret, which is an Eco-friendly park on the outskirts of Cancun Mexico. The owners of the park made sure to work around the existing economy to build attractions including, a butterfly pavilion, underground rivers, swimming with sea turtles, coral reef aquarium, a night show, and various activities also including lagoons and pools.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Sustainable Heros- February

Photo Source
Leonardo DiCaprio is a die-hard environmentalist who is the proud owner of his electric Tesla Roadster, Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid and Toyota Prius. If that doesn’t say enough about how he chooses to support the economy, you may be happy to know that he has taken the step to also install solar panels on his house. In 2010 DiCaprio donated 1$million to the Wildlife Conservation Society at Russia’s tiger summit and joined the Animal legal Defense Fund’s campaign. When he spoke about global warming in 2014, he cited that it was the “number-one environmental challenge in the world today.” More recently, DiCaprio donated 2$ million to Oceans 5 to improve the health of our oceans. He also marched in NYC for action on climate change as well as receiving the Clinton Global Citizen Award last year. Leo does as much as he can to help to ensure a healthy future for humanity and the planet as a sustainable hero!

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Don’t know what to pick for a new years resolution? It’s simple, just pick a word! This resolution technique is about picking a word that will encompass where you would like to see your growth in the upcoming year. This year my word is ENERGY!

There are many reasons I choose this word. This past year was full of great ideas for the direction I wanted to take my life, energy will be my word because this is the year I will put these ideas into action! I plan on getting ahead this year by eating foods that will boost my energy including, kale, blueberries, brown rice, oats, Chia seeds and many others! I believe that having constant energy throughout the week goes hand in hand with getting enough sleep every night. (which is something I will need to work on with my children) But, also I believe it’s about starting every day right, by not hitting the snooze button when it goes off. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning is important as well because if you don’t get that energy in the morning then it will be hard to gain throughout the day. Another thing I will be doing to gain energy is drinking green tea. The benefits of drinking this are huge! These are just some things I’m starting with!

What will your word be and how will you apply it in your life this year?!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Will you be having a “green” Christmas this year?

Around this time of the year, for most families, spending money is at an all time high to get ready for the holidays. Here are some helpful tips that individuals should use to save money and have a one-of-a -kind beautiful “green” christmas.

  1. Hand-painted holiday cards
    Sending out christmas cards can be a crucial part of the holidays. This is a way of keeping in touch with your loved ones and updating them on your past year. But do they have to come at such and expense?! The answer is no! Making your own cards comes with many perks including conserving both resources and money. This is a great way to get your kids together to get them excited about the holidays. Examples like painting a decorative border around a favorite photograph to make a postcard or cutting out magazine photos and using them with old wrapping materials could create a very special card. Not to mention the recipients of the card will love the creativity that went into it.

  2. Homemade wreaths
    Be a sustainable designer this year by creating your own wreaths. This is great way to get creative and will also help to save some trees and money! Use fallen limbs or evergreen trimmings from your yard. You can also collect pinecones from your lawn for a pinecone wreath, or use old or broken ornaments to create a shiny, modern version. Forget Styrofoam wreath forms. Make your own out of cardboard, rolled up newspapers, or an old metal coat hanger! Your beautiful designed wreaths will put a unique stamp on your home for the holidays!

  3. Invest in LED tree lights
Replace old strands of Christmas lights with energy efficient LED ones. LED bulbs lose less energy to heat than traditional bulbs, which makes them much more efficient. This is great news for your energy bill. Plus, some LED bulbs last as long as 30,000 hours, compared with 750 hours for a standard bulb. That’s a lot of twinkle time, which kids will be impressed with as well!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Pros and Cons of Going Tiny

A few days ago, my husband and I watched a documentary titled Tiny. The story follows a young couple in Colorado and their journey to build a Tiny Home. I found the idea of downsizing to a space that was less than 1,000 square feet and interesting and challenging idea. 
Some of the pros to living in a tiny home are of course the cost. On average it takes around $32,000 to build a Tiny Home, the average home was sold at $188,900 according to an article in Huffington Post published in March 2014. Having to move into a smaller space also helps eliminate clutter. You have to really decide what you can’t live without and get rid of the rest. Living in a smaller space with less surface area than your typical apartment or house also helps with spending. That pretty 72 inch flat screen may look really nice, but where are you going to put it? If your home is on wheels, many of them are, you can take your home anywhere. You can travel and see the world with ease. Also, having a smaller space means less cleaning and more time spent doing thing you love. From a sustainable living standpoint living in a Tiny Home shrinks your environmental footprint tremendously. 

The cons that I have found after doing some research are the space is very tiny, hence the name, living with a spouse in a tiny home gives you no personal space. Also, if you are a pet person, tiny homes really aren’t the best place to live with a pet because of the tight quarters its hard enough to fit another person. Storage because of the small space is very minimal. Even though the way the storage is set up in some homes it’s pretty cool there is very little you really have to pare down your belonging. Not only is there no personal space in the main part of the house but the bathroom situation… not exactly ideal. 

There are some great pros to living in a tiny home and a few hang ups. It’s a lifestyle I think is very respectable. I’d love to know of ways to live the lifestyle of tiny home dwellers in my traditional home.