Thursday, January 1, 2015


Don’t know what to pick for a new years resolution? It’s simple, just pick a word! This resolution technique is about picking a word that will encompass where you would like to see your growth in the upcoming year. This year my word is ENERGY!

There are many reasons I choose this word. This past year was full of great ideas for the direction I wanted to take my life, energy will be my word because this is the year I will put these ideas into action! I plan on getting ahead this year by eating foods that will boost my energy including, kale, blueberries, brown rice, oats, Chia seeds and many others! I believe that having constant energy throughout the week goes hand in hand with getting enough sleep every night. (which is something I will need to work on with my children) But, also I believe it’s about starting every day right, by not hitting the snooze button when it goes off. Eating a healthy breakfast every morning is important as well because if you don’t get that energy in the morning then it will be hard to gain throughout the day. Another thing I will be doing to gain energy is drinking green tea. The benefits of drinking this are huge! These are just some things I’m starting with!

What will your word be and how will you apply it in your life this year?!