Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Season Travel Tips!

We decided to go against our better judgement and do a little getaway for the holiday season.  I say against our better judgement because we all know its essentially a nightmare to travel around the Christmas timeframe.  My definition of Christmas travel consists of packed airports, full airplanes, and the high cost of airfare.  Then when you think its over, you find yourself sitting in security check lines with suitcases full of Christmas presents for the relatives, Christmas ‘tis the season to really go crazy! However, I have been traveling long enough to make sure travel during the holidays does not have to be a nightmare.  By following a few tips, things can go far smoother than they ever have before.  

Traveling With Children – What is worse than traveling during Christmas holidays? Traveling with children! (No offense son :P )  We all know that with children, patience is not their best virtue.  Children get antsy and upset when having to wait in long lines or being stuck at the airport with not much to do.  Instead of letting them become agitated, find ways to entertain them.  For the younger children, something as easy as some crayons and a coloring book will help.  Older kids may need an Ipod or a couple of handheld video games to keep them busy.  If nothing seems to work, remind them that Santa is watching, and it would be wise of them to behave. (A classic go to move!)   

Ship Your Christmas Presents – Most people are afraid to mail their holiday packages.  Most are afraid that the post office will get them mixed up and send them to the wrong house.  However, when you put your presents in luggage and have the bags checked, the same thing can happen.  Luggage often gets incorrectly routed, and your presents can land at the wrong destination.  If the present is small, carry it on board the plane with you.  If the presents are large, ship them ahead of time so they arrive at your destination before you do.  Your presents will not get broken or torn by being crammed inside a suitcase and tossed around, and your bags will be a lot lighter to carry to and from your destination.
Fly During the Odd Hours – Everyone knows that flights are busiest during the holiday time of year.  Everyone is going somewhere.  Of course, there is no getting around this, but there is a way around fighting the crowds by flying during the non-peak hours.  Try flying very early in the morning or extremely late at night.  It may be a bit inconvenient, but it saves so much running around and that could be worth it.  Ticket prices will also be less.  Also, by traveling early in the morning or late at night you don’t lose a day of travel getting to your destination.

The holidays are the most traveled times of the year.  Millions of people fly and drive all over the place to share the holidays with their families and loved ones.  It can be a nightmare or you can make your travel plans less stressful by planning ahead and following some of the tips above.  

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

-Cliff and Tiff