Monday, June 25, 2012


End of school year trip to Nantucket with Tiff and our son!!

Mild weather, pleasant sea breezes and plenty of things to do combine to make Nantucket one of the best vacation spot on the Eastern Seaboard.  You can enjoy the rich history of New England as well as modern water sports and luxurious accommodations during a stay here.  Of course, it helps to be prepared whenever you take a trip somewhere.  Try these tips to make your Nantucket holiday an overwhelming success:

Rent a bike, walk and use public transportation.  Do not try to drive.  Nantucket will be crowded in the summer, and trying to drive through unfamiliar and crowded streets can turn your seaside dream into a nightmare.  On top of that, biking, walking, or public transportation helps you be a responsible traveler, as we have been working to do so on all of our trips!

Be prepared for any type of weather.  While you aren’t likely to experience sweltering heat, flash floods and fog are common, at least thats what the locals said!  We lucked out and had great weather!  It might help to prepare some indoor activities in case your plans for hitting the beach get rained out. Before you leave to explore the island, check the weather forecast.  Be sure to bring an umbrella and a rain jacket just in case.

Research free and low-cost activities to enjoy during your stay.  Both food and lodging will be expensive, so finding inexpensive entertainment is the best way to get the most out of your stay in Nantucket.  Some popular free attractions in Nantucket include Surfside Beach for relaxing on the sand or participating in extreme water sports; Brant Point Light, one of the nation’s oldest lighthouses; and Jetties Beach for calm water and beachside dining along the bustling boardwalk.

Nantucket is full of great museums, recreational activities, top-notch performances and fresh seafood.  You can find guided tours to enjoy or explore on your own through the quaint cobblestoned streets of the island.  We would recommend that you decide what interests you most and create an itinerary that suits you and your family or travel companions.  There’s no way to enjoy everything in a single trip, but if you prioritize, you’ll be sure to catch most of the highlights (Believe me, there are many!).  Then maybe you’ll choose to return again soon to experience more of the life and culture of this great American getaway!


-Cliff and Tiffany