Monday, June 22, 2015

Going Green?

  • Going green is a life choice that many make when they realize all people could be doing more to help this planet or they do it for the simple fact that they want to save money. Either way these people who’re making this life choice are taking that extra step and little by little it is helping this Earth. But where do we start? This question can be overwhelming as there are many everyday life choices that can be changed when making the transition to live sustainably. Through my experience, taking small steps to acquire this lifestyle is what works best.
  • Writing down goals is the first step. Start with monthly goals that state a couple of small things you want to successfully change by the end of that month. For example, begin with using cloth shopping bags and metal or glass water bottles.  After the month is over, you can assess how you did and either add some goals for next month or take some off the list that you had trouble accomplishing right away. Once you catch on to this process of assessing yourself each month; before you know it you’ll be a sustainably saved soul passing on your own “green” advice. Here are some additional goals to help you get started.

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  1. Nice article, this earth has given us so much and we owe it many things. what we can do is make life goal to have at least a plant in a month.